Tips on How to Book Business Class or First Class Flights at Maximum Discounts

You’re spoilt rotten with all the pampering! Opportunity for guests to travel privately with full-height doors and dividers to allow for total privacy even in the company of fellow fliers. Seats fully recline-able with guaranteed aisle access, with amenities and services engineered to full-fill every comfort.

Yes! All these are possible in first/business class flights!

How nice would it be if we could enjoy all the luxuries of best business class flights to Canada at the cost of economy class!

You surely can! Just follow these tips:

  • Check for prices of the whole month of a certain airlines and then book an Australia first class flight. Try to avoid festive seasons of both the destination and the place of origin.
  • Book well in advance if your date and destination are fixed, to avoid price rise.
  • For off-beat places, opt for local airlines through their website.
  • Using incognito window when searching for prices & booking flights is advisable.
  • Purchase tickets using currencies which are valued lesser than your local currency. Only make sure that the foreign currency conversion charges isn’t high.
  • Sign up with travel agents such as Business Flight Shop to receive newsletters about the latest offers or limited time flash sales.
  • Use mile points to buy New Zealand first class flight ticket or to elsewhere.
  • Book premium economy flights and upgrade it later to business class.
  • Tip exclusively for you- Burn the midnight oil for the cheapest flight options.

Either you go through all these hassles or book with travel agencies such as Business Flight Shop, who will provide you with a personalized assistant, who speaks your language & who will help you in getting business class flights to Caribbean or elsewhere according to your convenience. They will arrange flights with lesser layovers and the most convenient timings in the best prices.


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